Monday, October 18, 2010


It happens to even the best people. Your just going along with life when something hits, bad, sad, least expected. Iam wondering if sometimes these things happening is God's way of reminding us that life is so precious. This is not a trial run. You never know what tomorrow holds so you better be ready today. Don't wait to tell someone what they mean to you, don't wait to smile at someone, don't wait to share Jesus when you have the chance. Live with no regrets. Don't hold back. For myself don't complain about how tired you are, you may not be tired tomorrow!

This was in an e-mail and i thought they were good tips. You might like them too.

1. Allow yourself to be transformed by adversity. While you're enduring hardship, you might as well learn some things.

2. Nurture good, loving relationships. Be a good listener and friends will be there for you when your hard times hit.

3. Adopt a curious spirit. Look for chances to experiment, make mistakes, laugh and grow.

4. Learn to embrace the hand you've been dealt. You are the unique beautiful person you are because of your trials.

5. Enjoy the opposites: Be strong and gentile, sensitive and tough (It makes you fascinating to others!).

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