Friday, March 4, 2011


I grew up for as long as I can remember knowing my Grandaddy was not a Christian when he married my Granny. My Granny was as good as they come. She was the best Christian I knew. She went to heaven so long ago I don't remember how long ago but I remember she always put others first, gave her last dime to practically anyone who asked, and was the most honest person. I loved her dearly and still miss her. But the reason for my story is I just always assumed my Granny was the one that brought him to Jesus. I was eating lunch with my aunt the other day when she starting telling me how he was saved. She wasn't sure about some of the details so I asked my Dad. I could not believe such an exciting story and all these years I have not known. It starts with my Dad being a shepherd in a play at church and my grandfather carved him a shepherd's hook to carry. Then the church (Northside Baptist Church in Anniston) needed a baptism pool (not sure if that's what you should call it). My grandaddy helped design and build it. He always had a little shop out in the backyard and was good at building things and working with his hands. Their was a revival at church and dad was about 13 (he thinks) and at the end I guess their was an alter call and he went down. The next week his pastor (Ray Till) talked to him about his decision and told him after church to come down and bring his daddy. At the end of the service he looked up at his daddy and said he wanted to go down and will you go with me? He said yes and down they went. Now, i just get chills seeing my daddy's little face looking up. My dad's 70 so i can just imagine he probably had slicked down hair, starched shirt and spit shiny shoes! Both of them were baptised in the newly built baptismal pool. It has never crossed my mind to ask how my Dad got saved I have just always known he was a Christian. I'm so glad I know the story!

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