Sunday, October 17, 2010


I really want to start blogging again! There is so much Iam learning. I have such a hunger and a thirst for God's word it seems I cannot get enough. But that's a good thing because you can never get enough, you can never know it all. It is a continual learning process to get you thru each day, each joy, each trial. I have been reading The Spiritual Art of Creative Silence by Jeanie Miley. When i came upon this little treasure i wanted to share. My prayer is that somebody, somewhere will benefit from anything i share here. So I will be sharing more!

This is taken from the book:

When seeking guidance, then, it is important to look to God instead of at the dilemma. Pray to him instead of to the problem. Instead of focusing your attention on the problem, thereby creating what you don’t want, focus on God and his provision. As you commit your efforts to him, wait in relaxed receptivity for him to guide.
As you give yourself to God and allow him to work in you, God will open and deepen your awareness. You will know – without knowing how you know. You will have insight and understanding that you cannot prove or document.
The gift of knowing, when you don’t know how you know, is the gift of discernment. It is a gift only when it is infused with the love of God and paired with a willingness to obey.
We do not need to ask God to be with us; he is always there. We must become so accustomed to his nearness that we know we have found the place where we are never alone
You are here now, in this present moment.
You are to leave the past to God’s mercy.
You are to place the future in God’s care.
Be fully present here, now, in the love of God.

I stand amazed. I know it's OK to not understand. It's a great feeling to continue to be in awe of God's work. It's OK to know and not know how I know. The stronger you get the harder it gets. To know God is a REALLY GOOD FEELING!

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