Thursday, June 17, 2010


I can't believe i have not posted since June 9!! Where does the time go? I don't have kids, I work 7 on/7 off and still I wonder why I don't seem to find the time for projects or blogging etc. Iam doing good to keep up the laundry, house chores, grocery shopping and errands up. I started painting our master bathroom (hubby's) which started with a deep cleaning followed up with kill. I think about 2 years later (it's a place i try and avoid) i walked in and suddenly realized i never finished! So last week i was going to jump right on it! Well, i got as far as the deep clean and their it sits. Am I the only one or am I just that unorganized?

My sister has challenged me this summer (she read it on some one's blog) to read 18 books. She didn't want to use their list so they can be of my own choosing. I'm on book 4! Do audio books count? Maybe that is why the bathroom is not painted!

We learned in our bible study tonight about 2 more women of the bible. Iam really liking this book and look forward to learning more. Wonder which woman I will most resemble? If you can think of one, let me know.

Hope everyone has a great and safe weekend!

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ddctisdale said...

Ruth is a shortened version of 'retut', which means ‘lovely friend’

I vote Ruth!