Wednesday, June 2, 2010


God has really been working in my life! I can't even explain all that has gone on. Iam not very good at putting my thoughts into words. I just know he has a plan for me! My walk with the Lord has changed so much. I never knew how good it would feel to be walking with HIM. I can only explain it by saying the closer i have gotten, the stronger my faith has become, the more I can hear him and know him. As I wrote earlier i knew why I had been sick, but that was my plan. Once I gave it all up to GOD, he showed me his plan. SHOCKER! While I love his plan and have tried to be obedient, i will admit it has been hard. It is hard because sometimes to be obedient you have to make adjustments and to me that is the hardest part. I know you may be asking Well, what is it? I can only share that it has to do with work. Iam so blessed to have a good job working with kids, great co-workers that truly care and a great supervisor who is caring and understanding. Iam not here to like everybody but to do my job as best I can by caring and remembering how it feels to be the patient. That the love of Christ will show through my actions. Which is not always easy. I know there is more in store for my job because my wonderful sisters in prayer are praying. God answers prayer, i just have to be listening!

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ddctisdale said...

We are blessed to see God at work everyday. In little and big miracles. Also to have Christian coworkers and supervisors is a blessing.